St. Raphael Syro Malabar

Catholic Mission of Cleveland

Patron Saint :  Archangel Raphael

Greater Cleveland, Ohio is famous for its medical institutions and majority of the Syro-Malabar families in Cleveland are working in medical-related service jobs. St. Raphael (Raphael means "God heals") was hence chosen as the Patron saint, as he is the patron of the nurses and physicians, travelers and of happy meetings. He is one of seven Archangels who stand before the throne of the Lord.

Tobit was a man who had always obeyed the laws of God, yet in his old age he had gone blind and was mocked by his townsmen. Sarah was a young women  plagued by a demon; she had been married seven times, but each time the bridegrooms perished on their wedding nights. Both Tobit and Sarah prayed to God for deliverance, by death if necessary. In answer to their prayers, St Raphael was sent by God to help Tobit and Sarah. Old Tobit sent his son Tobias, with Raphael (disguised as a man called Azariah) to a town in Media on business. During their trip, they met Raguel, Sarahí father who turned out to be a distant relative of theirs. As soon as Tobias met Sarah, he demanded her hand in marriage. Initially reluctant, Raguel was persuaded by Raphael to allow this marriage, and on their wedding night Tobias followed Raphaelís teachings on how to safely enter in marriage with Sarah. Tobias realized that Raphael had caused him to have his wife and gave joy to Sarah's parents  by driving out the evil spirit in her.  When Tobias and his new bride returned to his father, Raphael told him how to cure Tobitís blindness. Once Tobitís sight was restored, Raphael revealed himself. Tobias gave Raphael the credit for his father's seeing the light of heaven and for receiving all good things through his intercession with GOD. Tobit offered a prayer of praise and Thanksgiving to God, and the dramatic tale thus concludes with the happy news that he lived to see his great grandchildren!

St Raphael is the patron saint of travelers, happy meetings and good health. Besides Raphael, Michael and Gabriel are the only Archangels mentioned by name in the Bible. His feast is on September 29th.


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